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I have 8+ cavities and no dental insurance with low income

Leila M started this conversation

Hi, I'm a semi recent college graduate with very low income, I am a dog walker for a living :) I am struggling with deferring huge loan payments, and I have a huge amount of credit card debt

I cannot afford to get my cavities filled, and my whole mouth is rotting and only getting worse.  It's been years since I could go to the dentist. I'm wondering if there are any dentists with a good reuptation out there willing to do the necessary procedures at a very low cost or for free.  I'm also curious if anyone knows about dental offices with financial assistance available, or that are privately funded.  Any financial contribution towards getting cavities filled would also work, I just need help soon!  The pain is getting bad, not to mention I'm losing friends over the...bad breath side effects of so many cavities. 

Thank you for any support you can offer me!  Even advice! :) 

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Leila M
 in response to Anonymous40784...   I'm so glad! is a wonderful website community for finding natural treatments!
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I can send you a free phamacy discount card if that will help.
305 747 1171

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 in response to Leila M...   Wow,
You are right. I never thought about that. I am just interested in learning about natural stuff. You have opened my eyes.

Have a great night.
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Leila M
 in response to Anonymous40784...   You're very welcome, don't give up! There's always a natural alternative, just look at indigenous people's teeth in, for example, Africa. The bushmen have beautiful teeth!
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Hello and I have to go the dentist after the holidays. I hope nothing happens before then. Fingers crossed.

Here is a link for free dental clinics in your city of Chicago.


Wishing you find a free dentist who can help you.


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 in response to satisfiualways...   


What city and state are you in?

See this link to see if there is any free dental clinics near you


Good luck and best to you


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 in response to Leila M...   I never heard of it either but love to get rid of a cavity.
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 in response to Leila M...   Wow,
I never heard of this.
Thank you for sharing this info with us.
I am going to try this for sure.
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Leila M
 in response to satisfiualways...   If you need root canals, a natural way to suck the infection out and make your teeth better is putting clay over the area until the teeth naturally fall out (They might even get better)
calcium bentonite (green clay) is especially good. Clay has amazing antibacterial and healing properties, it can litterally suck the infection out of any wound from deep within. I also recommend you look at and try what they call "oil pullins" if you get any extra virgin (unprocessed, cold pressed) oil and slowly swish it around in your mouth everyday, you can recalcify your teeth and fill in cavities as well as helping with many other health problems. You must be sure not to swallow it and spit it out after half an hour. I know this will help if you try it! Good luck
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I was going to dentist to get major work done..Taking all top teeth out and a few on bottom. I got let go by my employer and have no insurance now..Im in lots of pain and cant afford what they need to do.

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This should help in SOME areas:

And maybe this:

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Leila M

I've also heard about good results from packing your tooth with bentonite clay, it pulls out the infection very well from deep within your root! I encourage you to do more research on it but it certainly wont hurt to try! Good luck! There are always alternatives! :)

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I am with you all the way  if anyone could help me too i need my lower teeth pulled i had root canals and they are all broken off and i need a lower denture, i have ins throught ODS through my husband's work but it is only a $1000.00 and it wont pay for me to get them pulled and get a denture i have $400.00 cash too if anyone in portland oregon could help me i would love a reply thank you
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I am with AmeriPlanUSA, which is a Health Discount Company.  It is for those who don't have insurance and it sound like you.  I think they can help you.  We have a network of doctors that you can choose from and they work very well with us.  I must stress to you that this Discount is NOT INSURANCE RATHER AN ALTERNATIVE TO INSURANCE

You may go to my website: to find more information out. If you would like to talk to me personally you may reach me at 727-522-0416 to discuss this further.  I would be more than happy to help if I can



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Also dental schools offer free and reduced care for people struggling.
I found this link .. there is alot of info!
Good luck!
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